Awards for Gypsy Run 9

On Saturday night we will be giving away awards. Every year we try our best to come up with new and interesting awards.  This is what we got for this year.

  • Super Awesome robot lunchbox with fighting spirit award
  • The biggest twin (Best Vtwin)
  • The almost memorial Joe Scraper best British bike award. (Best British bike)
  • Big in Japan! (Best Japanese bike)
  • Best roadside repair. (the name says it all)
  • High Mileage. (The most miles ridden to the run)
  • Rolling Deathtrap. (the bike that looks like it shouldn’t make it, but does.)
  • The Proletariat (The people’s choice)
  • And… one more. You are gonna have to show up to find out about this one.

Mike Haloran from TWT Motorcycle Parts is making the trophies again this year. Winners will also receive an AMAZING prize package from our sponsors.

More on this as we get closer.  ~Walter