Tshirts and such…

The ass kickers at American Icon are hare at work pulling this years Kris Hendershott designed t-shirt. At the same time Iron Thread is stiching up the patches and sharping the knives! I would like to welcome another NEW SPONSOR! Feltraiger American Made Clothes. We have a few new features on the run this year. Its not the kind of thing you talk about on the internet, so you are just going to have to show up to find out what I’m talking about. HA!

Here is a video of American Icon doing their thing!

Untitled Motorcycle Project

For the past few years I have been wanting to get some video footage of the Gypsy Run for promos or a short documentary. Since Dennis Hopper is dead and Martin Scorsese isn’t returning my phone calls. I need your help. Is there any budding directors out there that would be interested in making a short documentary about the run? If you are, or know someone who is please contact me HERE. Thank you motorcycling community! ~ Walter


Missing Patches…


Jason from Iron Thread was kind enuff to send us a FINAL RUN of patches. I will get these sorted out this weekend. For thoese of you that sent me your address, your patch is on the way. For thoes of you that haven’t, get on it cause once these are gone thats it !. For thoes of you that weren’t on the run and keep asking for patches… I am flattered that you would want to fly the flag, but ya can’t have it ya have to earn it. Come on the run and I’ll hand one to you personally. Thanks folks! ~Walter