What is the GYPSY RUN?

The East Coast Gypsy Run started in 2007. Inspired by the El Diablo Run a bunch of like minded east coast motorcyclists meet up on the interwebs and planned a motorcycle run. The Gypsy Run ran uninterrupted for ten years. Last year we went back to the basics with the Gypsy Run Still Sucks program. It was a raging success. We will be tweaking the formula a bit again this year to reintroduce some of the best parts of past Gypsy Runs. Stay tuned!


Everyone. As long as you have your shit together, enjoy being around human beings and like to ride.


If you like to ride and are not a dick (see Rule No. 1) you are welcome. I don’t care what or who you ride. Everyone is welcome. (Except scooters. Fuck those guys.)


We are still working out the route, but generally the Friday route to the campsite is between 250 & 300 miles. Saturday is up to you.


Yes. You have to buy a ticket in advance. On Sale date TBA.

Check in

When you enter the campground we’ll have signs and helpful people pointing you to the office. Park your bike in the big dirt parking lot and walk over to the office where we will look up your name and give you a wristband. Bring your ID, TICKETS and a print out of your registration just in case. If you bought multiple tickets for a group, please get your group all there at one time for check-in so we can hand out wristbands to everyone.


This is a motorcycle party, not a motorhome party, so if you bring a four wheeled (or more) vehicle, it can stay in the lot by the office, but it won’t be allowed into the campground with the bikes. We have a couple side by sides so if you need a hand getting some gear over to your campsite from your truck, just ask one of our guys and we’ll help ya out..

Can I bring my kid?

No. The Gypsy Run is not all-ages, it’s only open to adults 21 and over.


  1. Don’t be a dick. #dontbeadick

  2. Kindly have your shit together.

  3. No burnouts in the campsite
  4. Show respect and you will get respect.

  5. Ride with your head. Find a pace you are comfortable with. It is not a race.

  6. Clean up after yourself at the campsite.

  7. Make sure your brake light works.

  8. Bring rain gear. We ride no matter the weather.

  9. No Campers.

  10. Individual Chase Trucks are encouraged.

  11. We want everybody to have a great time, we just don’t want anyone to die while you are at it. Please do not drink and ride.

  12. If you’re unsure of how to deal with a challenging situation, please refer to rule number one.

  13. Have fun.