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Gypsy Run 2021

Here we go again! the Gypsy Run will be on Sept 10, 11 and 12 – 2021. We will be making a bunch of announcements over the next few weeks about tickets and reservations so follow our Instagram and Twitter for the latest news.

The Gypsy Run 2019


Gypsy Run 2019

September 6 & 7 2019 ( Friday, Saturday and ride home Sunday}
Narrowsburg N.Y. Same Campsite from the last few years.
The biggest change this year is you have to buy tickets in advance. Advance tickets are $50 per person and this covers your camping for two nights. If you just want to camp one night, it’s the same cost. (We gotta pay for the campground for the whole weekend no matter how many nights you show up.) We are limiting the number of tickets and will not be selling “day of” tickets at the gate. This means your check in process will be faster and the campground won’t get overcrowded. You can purchase tickets here.
As in years past, we are going to have one “official” route to the campsite.(details and Maps to come.)  if you are doing your own thing, don’t worry, you can’t find a bad ride to the campsite. 

Camping is first-come, first-served so show up anytime after noon on Friday and grab a spot. Be prepared to share with other riders. This ain’t no motorhome party, so cars, trucks will be parked in a designated lot, but not in the camping area itself. The actual camping area is reserved for motorcyclists only. Also to keep you all entertained we will have… Ride In Bike Show | Vendors | Food Trucks  | Tire Horseshoes | Flaming Axe Throwing | Kickstart Race | Push start race | Mini Bike Drag Racing | Mini Bike TT Race | Kayak Races (Kayaks towed by motorcycles around a corse.) …and someone will get a FREE motorcycle. 

No parentheses needed my friends. Bergen County Harley Davidson will be donating a lovingly used Harley Davidson motorcycle.  Then we are going to give it away to someone at the Gypsy Run. No tix to buy. Nothing. If you come to the Gypsy Run and are over 21 years old you are eligible. I don’t know how we are going to do it yet, a name out of a hat, Quick knee-jerk decision on my part… Hang on to your tix stub!
10am Kickstands up for the Official Route through the best of the East Coast. (details and maps coming)
4-5 pm Arrive at Camp
6-10 pm Set up Camp. Eat, Drink and be Merry.
Wake up and ride around some mountains.
4-5pm The fun begins. Tire Horseshoes | Flaming Axe Throwing | Kickstart Race | Push start race | Mini Bike Drag Racing | Mini Bike TT Race | Kayak Races (Kayaks towed by motorcycles around a corse.) …and someone will get a FREE motorcycle. Who ever wins the most events wins a some extra fabulous prizes.
Saturday night we give away all the prizes, awards and a FREE motorcycle. After we put on our PJs, we will start up the night time activities. Including but not limited to; More Drinking | Show a few films | Rock show | DJ | Campfires | Typical Gypsy Run Stupidity.
Breakfast & Coffee | Load out | Ride Home | Cherish the memories.
Hope to see you there.


Gypsy Run 2.0

I was at Shop Rite the other day trying to decide between taco shells when a familiar voice said “What the hell Walt… is there going to be a Gypsy Run or not!” Imagine my surprise when I turned around and that voice turned out to be… me. Talking to myself out loud again… (I should really go see someone about this, I’m starting to get concerned.) Anyway! Yes we will have a Gypsy Run this year. Saturday Sept 22nd. 24 hours of Manageable Motorcycle Mayhem. Details to come.

But wait, there’s more! (stuff to win)

It usually takes a few days after the run to tie up loose ends and get everything back in its proper place. I seem to always forget something! This year it was the brilliant tire patch kits that I was supposed to give out at the campsite from our friends at Progressive Suspension. They also sent a fork spring kit and a set of Classic 412 Shocks for the Big Prize winners! Thanks Guys! So what to do with 25 brilliant tire patch kits? I know. I still feel bad for selling out of shirts so quick so I will randomly add these and some cool stickers to the Gypsy Run X Shirt Post Sale. Ok so that’s that… I feel like we can do better. OK! how about this. One randomly chosen order will get, A patch kit. Two Kickstart shop shirts, and a $100 gift certificate from our friends at Biltwell. Thats better! You have till 12 Noon EST on Sunday Sept. 18 to get your order in. We will then pick the winner. Print all the orders and have everything in the mail to you post haste!

Good Luck!patch





Watch this…

For the past few year’s I have been posting video updates. They were a fun and easy way to get everyone up to speed. I haven’t had a chance to do one this year but if you can sit through last year’s, the MAJOR points remain the same. We spent a ton on special effects, but it was worth every dime!

Longtime friend and sponsor LOWBROW Customs did this great recap for last year’s run.

Here are a few more from last year…