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Gypsy Run 2022

I would like to thank everyone that made The Gypsy Run one of the best motorcycle runs on the east coast. That is not hyperbole, ask anyone who has ridden one. To our sponsors that have enabled us to keep the event as cheap as possible, our family and friends that have helped organize and run the event and you for being cool and showing up year after year.

I was never terribly interested in making the run the biggest event, or an event at all, come to think about it. I just wanted it to be a reason to get out and ride your bike. I think we have done a decent job of it. I have met some of my favorite people in the world because of it and I have forged friendships that will last the rest of my life. When I think of all that, I feel good about what we have done. Still… if I am being totally honest, I think we can do better. The run has been on cruise control for the past few years. It is time for challenge and change.

I have a plan for an epic and completely unique trip that you will be reminiscing about long into your golden years. I am shooting for early September 2022 date. I will post all the details by April 2022 giving you six months to plan and prepare. This will be a multi day, thousand mile plus adventure. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news. Hope to see you on the road soon.

Here we go.

OK. this is where we are at. 

Tickets are on sale till THUR. 9/9/21 at 12 noon. 

After that you can get a spot at the gate. there is plenty of room for everyone.

The jump off spot will be one of my favorite breakfast spots, 





They have a great menu and a huge parking lot. 

We will be departing Sal’s at 10am. Sharpish!

Click on the links for the google maps for

Friday | Short Saturday | Long Saturday

Click Here for Turn by Turn directions for Friday


Our Destination is 

Lander’s River Trips

69 De Mauro Lane

Narrowsburg, NY 12764

When you arrive at the campsite everyone must check in at the Office. This is where you receive your wristbands for the weekend and buy last minute camping spots. If you ordered online please have your order number ready. It will make checkin much faster

See ya there.

Gypsy Run Update

Just a few things for today,

Tickets Tickets are live now and will be on sale at till the evening of Thur. Sept 9th. If you need another ticket they will be available at the campground office through the weekend. If you have purchased tickets for a group you must check in your entire group.

Drinking if you plan on drinking over the weekend you must be over 21 and have proof of age. Please do not drink and ride.

Maps will be posted on  a few days before the run.

Covid 19  The camp site is enormous. You can find all the space you need to feel comfortable. If you would like to where a mask, please do.

Follow along., Twitter and our instagram account will have all the latest info.

Remember.  Always keep in mind rule number one.

Hope to see you all soon


But wait, there’s more! (stuff to win)

It usually takes a few days after the run to tie up loose ends and get everything back in its proper place. I seem to always forget something! This year it was the brilliant tire patch kits that I was supposed to give out at the campsite from our friends at Progressive Suspension. They also sent a fork spring kit and a set of Classic 412 Shocks for the Big Prize winners! Thanks Guys! So what to do with 25 brilliant tire patch kits? I know. I still feel bad for selling out of shirts so quick so I will randomly add these and some cool stickers to the Gypsy Run X Shirt Post Sale. Ok so that’s that… I feel like we can do better. OK! how about this. One randomly chosen order will get, A patch kit. Two Kickstart shop shirts, and a $100 gift certificate from our friends at Biltwell. Thats better! You have till 12 Noon EST on Sunday Sept. 18 to get your order in. We will then pick the winner. Print all the orders and have everything in the mail to you post haste!

Good Luck!patch





Watch this…

For the past few year’s I have been posting video updates. They were a fun and easy way to get everyone up to speed. I haven’t had a chance to do one this year but if you can sit through last year’s, the MAJOR points remain the same. We spent a ton on special effects, but it was worth every dime!

Longtime friend and sponsor LOWBROW Customs did this great recap for last year’s run.

Here are a few more from last year…