Where do we go from here?

I don’t know where to start… There is just too many stories to tell, too many pictures to post, too many people to thank! I am going to post a series of stories over the next few days and put together a photo gallery of everyones favorite pictures. If anyone would like to send in some pictures to be included I will set up a Photo dump. Please email me and let me know. In all the crazy, i think I was able to take four pictures! (sucks!)
Despite the rain the run kicked ass. I THINK we ended up doing around five hundred miles, most of it wet. Sunday the weather broke and the route was incredible. I have to be honest and say I am burnt out. I am going to leave it here for now and collect my thoughts and some pictures and post a proper post.
Talk to ya soon, I’m gonna take a nap.


The Maps

Here is the complete route on Google Maps. Click Here to go to the Google Map. There you can print out the parts you need. The Run Books will be handed out at the Bash and the Kick off at Cool Beans.

View The 2009 Gypsy Run Route in a larger map

The Autumn Bowl
73 West Street.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Between Milton and Noble

Click here for map.

Fri. Aug. 28th
The Kick Off
Cool Beans Coffee Shop
304 Kinderkamack Rd
Oradell, NJ 07649
(link to map)

Fri. Camping
The Gypsy Run Racetrack
6764-7198 Ethan Allen Hwy
VT 05261
(link to map)

Sat. Aug. 29th
Brookside Campground
4952 Route 32
Catskill, NY 12414
(link to map)

Sun. Aug. 30th
The Throwdown!
210 Division St.
Hackensack, NJ 07601
(link to map)

The Chase Truck

We have a great support team this year. Metalhead Greg and Radar are our chase and advance drivers. Greg is one of the best chase drivers on the planet and Radar is looking to dethrone him. So here is the deal with the chase truck. The chase truck will be following the run. If they sees anyone by the side of the road they will stop and help. There will basic tools and supplies on the truck. The truck WILL NOT wait around all day as you try to fix the unfixable. If you can’t sort yourself out on the side of the road in a timely manner, on the trailer you go. There is an advance truck that will be arriving at the campsites before us and setting things up. This truck will be equipped with a major compliment of tools and supplies. (welder, compressor, generator, Etc.) That is where will try to fix you up right. The chase truck is not going to carry your personal shit, so don’t ask. The driver’s numbers will be published in the run books.

Rain dates are for Pussies!

I checked the forecast today and this is what I found.

Thu Aug 27 Partly Cloudy 78°/59° 10 %

Fri Aug 28 Partly Cloudy 74°/62° 10 %

Sat Aug 29 Scattered T-Storms 75°/64° 40 %

Sun Aug 30 Scattered T-Storms 80°/60° 40 %

I am hoping this turns out to be another example of the historic inaccuracy of weathermen. If not, the run is still on. Because rain dates are for pussies! We had a bit of rain on last years run and we still made every mile and had a blast. So plan on getting wet. Pack your rain gear but hope that the weatherman is yet again WRONG!