A few more things


  • There will be a FOOD TRUCK at the campsites. Dennis from Plan Bistro is coming back for seconds.
  • Mike 47 INDUSTRIES can not bring his shop on wheels this year. We will have a CHASE TRUCK, just not as cool as Mike’s.
  • MAPS are in the works. You will have them before you need them. So STOP ASKING!
  • CAMPSITE FEES will be around $15 a night. (more on this later)
  • The FUEL STOPS will be no more than 60 miles apart, so plan accordingly.
  • YOU can come to as MUCH or as LITTLE of the run as you want to. If you can’t do the whole weekend don’t let that stop ya.
  • We couldn’t care less what type of BIKE you ride. I still get asked “I ride a 2006 Hella-Yeah super-awesome chopper. Can I come?”
  • We will have a PRE RUN to BROOKLYN on Thur. Night. (sept. 12th) Bobby and the crew at INDIAN LARRY’S are gonna cook us dinner.

Thats it for today. More to come. ~ Walter