And now, a word from our Sponsors…

“The Gypsy Run is our kind people on our kind of bikes. Sponsorship of grass roots events that are centered on riding in an investment in the future of this culture, and Biltwell Inc. is proud to participate.”
Bill Bryant – Biltwell Inc.
Co-Founder of the El Diablo Run

“As far as we are concerned, we are planning on being a major sponsor of the Gypsy Run every year. The web flow alone from the blog and forums completely geeked out our web guy and brought a ton of interest in us. For a grass roots run, Walter and company do it right. Just ask anyone who has been on the run and they will tell you the same.”
Andy Camay – American Icon

“You would be a fool to miss this! The best time I have had in years.”
Mike Plazzo – 47 Industries

“I like Gypsy Runs! They am fun and we drink lots!”
Dr. Benway – Winner of the Best Bike Prize GR08