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And now, a word from our Sponsors…

“The Gypsy Run is our kind people on our kind of bikes. Sponsorship of grass roots events that are centered on riding in an investment in the future of this culture, and Biltwell Inc. is proud to participate.”
Bill Bryant – Biltwell Inc.
Co-Founder of the El Diablo Run

“As far as we are concerned, we are planning on being a major sponsor of the Gypsy Run every year. The web flow alone from the blog and forums completely geeked out our web guy and brought a ton of interest in us. For a grass roots run, Walter and company do it right. Just ask anyone who has been on the run and they will tell you the same.”
Andy Camay – American Icon

“You would be a fool to miss this! The best time I have had in years.”
Mike Plazzo – 47 Industries

“I like Gypsy Runs! They am fun and we drink lots!”
Dr. Benway – Winner of the Best Bike Prize GR08


Here are the all the locations for the run. The map links are for reference only. They are NOT the run maps.

Thur. Aug. 27th
The Brooklyn Bowl Bash
Autumn Bowl
73 West St
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(link to map)

Fri. Aug. 28th
The Kick Off
Cool Beans Coffee Shop
304 Kinderkamack Rd
Oradell, NJ 07649
(link to map)

Fri. Camping
The Gypsy Run Racetrack
6764-7198 Ethan Allen Hwy
VT 05261
(link to map)

Sat. Aug. 29th
Brookside Campground
4952 Route 32
Catskill, NY 12414
(link to map)

Sun. Aug. 30th
The Throwdown!
210 Division St.
Hackensack, NJ 07601
(link to map)


Here are some Hotels for the guys coming from out of town.
Before the run starts the closest Hotels to Cool Beans is in Paramus. A bunch of guys stayed at the La Quninta last year. Click here for a map with all the local hotels.
After the run I have some reconditions. There are some sketchy places near the party, so try one of these. They are within a mile or so of the party.

Nice and cheap.
Super 8 South Hackensack
410 Route 46 West
South Hackensack, NJ 07606
(201) 440-4476

A bit spendy, but you can talk them into a better rate.
650 Terrace Ave.
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604
(201) 288 6100

The Pre Run Party (UPDATE 5pm Start)

Arron from the LFTC has set up a pre run party in Brooklyn for Thursday night before the Gypsy Run.
The party starts around 5pm. It lasts till it’s over. The Gypsy Run Crew will be on hand to drink all the beer and hand out some swag to the guy who does the best “skateboard trick”. We will also have Run Books with a special ESCAPE FROM BROOKLYN section.
Autumn Bowl
67 West St
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Click HERE for a map.

The Bike Show

During the Party on Sunday we will be having our version of a bike show. We have thought long and hard about the prizes we would be giving out. We thought instead of the typical trophy and a hardy pat on the back, we should give out prizes that motorcyclists would actually use everyday. Like this. You will have to wait till sunday to see all the prizes, (in all their awesomeness!) But without further adieu… The Categories!

BEST BIKE The overall best bike on the run.
HIGH MILAGE Is awarded to the person who rode the farthest to the run
THE MacGyver This prize is awarded to the person who completes the best roadside repair.
ROLLING DEATHTRAP This prize is awarded to the person who completes the run on the bike that shouldn’t have made it.
THE BMF This prize is awarded to the person who goes above and beyond, Has the highest batting average, can pull off wearing plaid, can carve a Tiki out of a thousand year old oak tree equipped with nothing more than razor sharp wit. The Bad MotherFucker.

This year we are adding something else.
We are going to combine a triditional 50/50 with a raffle. You buy a ticket to get a chance to go home with the ULTIMATE GYPSY RUN GIFT BAG and a pocket full of cash! Beat that H.O.G Rally!

The bike show is only open to bikes on the run. The raffle is open to everyone.


We have found some amazing accommodations for this years run. Friday night’s campground is actually an old horse racing track. The owner has graciously let us pitch our tents for the night, and he will be opening the main building so we can have use of the facilities. It is a half a mile from a liquor store. A mile from a gas station/grocery store. There is a bike shop within five miles, and there are some great local diners. Did I mention that we will be the only people there? Perfect!
Saturday night set up is a traditional camp ground with traditional camp ground amenities. Pool, Bathroom, shower, Etc. We have reserved Area 51 for the Beer garden and the pavilion for setting up camp. There is local gas, food and a bike shop within 10 miles. The campground is just few miles from the bar of legend! The guys that were on the first Gypsy Run know what I am talking about, the rest of you are just gonna have to wait and experience it yourself!
Ya know what they say, nothing in life is free… oh wait. actually friday night is free. Ya know what they say, nothing on saturday is free. That they are right about, saturdays camping will cost you $12.50. But, to make up for that inconvenience I will buy everyone beer.

Friday camp site

Area 51

Let’s go to church!

This years end of run Party / Bike Show / Throwdown is gonna be a little different. Darren (DSL on the boards) has graciously offered up his super secret private bar for the party. This is in a part of town where there are few people and cops fear to tread! (I am taking some poetic license, but the point is we won’t be bothered) There is a full bar and we will be cranking up the grill for some snacks! Feel free to invite anyone to the party. The address and coordinates will be in the info section on the site and in the run book.

Supporting the scene!

I would like to take a second to thank some of the fine folks that make an event like this possible. First off our fine sponsors. With out their support we could not pull this off. Hats off, glasses up! There is another group that go above and beyond in their support and hard work for the run that I we need to thank. Fritz, Greg (our chase truck driver), Aaron, Darren, Coach, Kris Hendershott, American Andy, Biltwell Bill, Todd and all my friends and family who have helped make the Gypsy Run a world class event. I would like to specify thank Grail from Knucklebuster who has been flying our flag since day one. Thank you all, without your hard work this would suck. Remember, Support those who support the scene!