We have found some amazing accommodations for this years run. Friday night’s campground is actually an old horse racing track. The owner has graciously let us pitch our tents for the night, and he will be opening the main building so we can have use of the facilities. It is a half a mile from a liquor store. A mile from a gas station/grocery store. There is a bike shop within five miles, and there are some great local diners. Did I mention that we will be the only people there? Perfect!
Saturday night set up is a traditional camp ground with traditional camp ground amenities. Pool, Bathroom, shower, Etc. We have reserved Area 51 for the Beer garden and the pavilion for setting up camp. There is local gas, food and a bike shop within 10 miles. The campground is just few miles from the bar of legend! The guys that were on the first Gypsy Run know what I am talking about, the rest of you are just gonna have to wait and experience it yourself!
Ya know what they say, nothing in life is free… oh wait. actually friday night is free. Ya know what they say, nothing on saturday is free. That they are right about, saturdays camping will cost you $12.50. But, to make up for that inconvenience I will buy everyone beer.

Friday camp site

Area 51