Camping on the Gypsy Run

Friday and Saturday night we are staying at the Landers campsite on the banks of the beautiful Delaware river. (Visit the Maps page for the address and directions). If you want to meet us there, the main group will probably roll in somewhere around between 4 and 5 PM.  We have reserved and enormous portion of the campsite so individual reservations are unnecessary. The fee for camping is $15 per night. In the past we’ve collected the camping fees on the honor system. We put out a jar and it worked it self out. To make it easier on our accountant we are going to try wristbands this year. Once you get settled then come see us at the t-shirt tent and you can get your wristbands for the weekend. 

Rember, you can come to as much of the run as you can do. Wanna come meet us for lunch on friday? No problem! You want to come and hang out and then retreat to your comfortable hotel? No sweat! 5 miles or 500, get on your bike and have some fun. See you all soon!  ~Walter