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The name says it all! Using state of the art internets technology The BRICK TAMLAND DOPPLER 12000 GYPSY RUN TRACKER MAPPER the ultimate in virtual Gypsy Running! From the comfort of your own home you can share in all the excitement of riding your hardcore chopper (or any bike, we really don’t care.) through the beautiful hills and Valleys of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania! Click HERE to follow your Bros as they deal with all the fun and excitement, so you don’t have to.  If you are brave enough to swing a leg over your Super Duper Hardcore FXR (Again… Really any bike is fine buy us as long as it’s not a scooter.) and run with the pack The BRICK TAMLAND DOPPLER 12000 GYPSY RUN TRACKER MAPPER scales to any browser, Tablet or Smart Phone. If you get separated from the pack you can use the BRICK TAMLAND DOPPLER 12000 GYPSY RUN TRACKER MAPPER to find your Bros and catch up! See you all on the run! (Except you SCOOTER BASTARDS!!)






Awards for Gypsy Run 9

On Saturday night we will be giving away awards. Every year we try our best to come up with new and interesting awards.  This is what we got for this year.

  • Super Awesome robot lunchbox with fighting spirit award
  • The biggest twin (Best Vtwin)
  • The almost memorial Joe Scraper best British bike award. (Best British bike)
  • Big in Japan! (Best Japanese bike)
  • Best roadside repair. (the name says it all)
  • High Mileage. (The most miles ridden to the run)
  • Rolling Deathtrap. (the bike that looks like it shouldn’t make it, but does.)
  • The Proletariat (The people’s choice)
  • And… one more. You are gonna have to show up to find out about this one.

Mike Haloran from TWT Motorcycle Parts is making the trophies again this year. Winners will also receive an AMAZING prize package from our sponsors.

More on this as we get closer.  ~Walter

Final Post Before the Run.

Here we go! This is the final post before the run. Download the POCKET GUIDE. Read up on the BASICS. Pack your bags! Meet up at KICKSTART tonight (6pm to 10pm) for some good times. We are leaving COOL BEANS at 10am on Friday.

FRI and SAT is $15
. Per person Per Night. Come right in Get settled then you can get a wristband from Walter or Steve when you arrive.

THE AWARDS for this year are:
Biggest Twin (Best HD based bike)
The Almost Memorial Joe Scraper Award (Best Triumph based bike)
High mileage (Most miles ridden on a motorcycle to the run)
Roadside repair (Best roadside repair)
Deathtrap (the bike that shouldn’t make it but does.)
The Proletariat (the People’s choice)
The super awesome evil robot lunchbox with fighting spirit award (classiest motherfucker)
The Best Beard

If you can’t make it, I have put some shirts and posters inventory in the STORE. Orders will ship first thing Monday.

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I would like to thank all of the people that work hard to get this run done every year. Everyone that pitches in, helps out and kicks ass. Our sponsors are the cream of the crop. They support this event for the best reason, they love it as much as you do. So thats it. Hope to see you this weekend. ~ Walter

P.S. Remember… NO CRASHING!

Get on yer bike. Follow Fritz. UPDATE

When the Gypsy Run started the idea was to have a simple thing that was about riding… and having fun, but mostly about riding. There wasn’t a lot of options eight years ago. I hated going to a “Charity Run” that involved more paperwork than actual miles ridden. Nobody is challenging themselves or learning anything in 40 miles. That is a commute. That is the core of why we put on this run. It is not for everyone. It is a bit of a challenge. You find out what kind of a rider you are. You get to know people, really get to know them. Remember that when you are riding through the rain, fixing a flat or kicking your bike for the hundredth time. Since this is the year of trying new things here is another one. NO ROUTE MAPS. There are many reasons why this is a good idea (I’m sure you can think of one right now). The best reason is to add a bit of uncertainty to it. It’s getting more and more difficult to just “get lost” these days. Stay with the pack or find your own way, you are going to have a great weekend and come home with stories worth telling.
All that being said, We will have a pocket guide with all the important info on it in the downloads section tomorrow. Addresses, phone numbers, a few key waypoints. All the info is already on  I know I say this every year but this is going to be the best year yet!  ~Walter