How to pick a winner…

I would like to thank everyone that helped out with the raffle. S&M for donating the bike, Kris Henderschott for the amazing paint job and especially you for participating and spreading the word. We have tried to keep this going as long as we could to make as much money as we could, but some one has to win. Right? Tomorrow Friday Oct. 14 @ 5pm we will be picking a winner. We will pull a ticket and post it on the site and over at Once it is posted you will have 24 hrs. to contact us and claim the bike. If the bike is not claimed within 24 hrs. we will repeat the process till we have a winner. Fair enough? We will stop selling tickets tonight at 5pm so I can get all the tickets out. (I am a bit behind on this. Sorry, I have been really busy at the shop.) Thanks again folks. ~ Walter

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