How to Ride with a Pack (REPOST)

I posted three years ago. Still worth a read.

I’ve been thinking a lot about crashing lately. Over the past year it seems that not a month goes by without news of a horrible motorcycle accident that involves someone I know. Our friend TWT Mike just lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, and has a long road ahead of him before he fully recovers. All because someone was not paying attention. That is all it takes, one split second and your life changes. On the run last year we had a few fine fellows hit the dirt. Many more than I would have liked to see. Luckily everybody was okay and the worst injury was broken toe. This year lets shoot for none. No crashing would be great.
HERE is a link to a CHOP CULT article that Biltwell Bill wrote a few years ago about Pack riding. Read it. Written in his patented smart ass style, the article has tips that everyone could benefit from. Wether its your first year on the road or your fiftieth. Included is a copy of the story “HOW TO RIDE IN A PACK” originally published in Roth’s “Choppers” Magazine in 1967. See ya soon. ~Walter

“One inevitable thing about contemporary grass roots events is that it’s easy to find yourself riding in a large pack of bikes, most of them piloted by people you don’t even know yet. Of course this can be fun or a complete ball-up depending on where you are in the pack and who you end up next to, behind, etc. While the accompanying story originally published in Roth’s “Choppers” Magazine in ’67 may be old, the concepts are not outdated, only accentuated by the diverse machines and high speeds that mix it up in today’s group rides. The Big Daddy’s advice may lean more toward beginning club riders, but these lessons can be valuable to today’s noob rider as well.” Click here to read the rest of the article…