The Chase Truck

We have a great support team this year. Metalhead Greg and Radar are our chase and advance drivers. Greg is one of the best chase drivers on the planet and Radar is looking to dethrone him. So here is the deal with the chase truck. The chase truck will be following the run. If they sees anyone by the side of the road they will stop and help. There will basic tools and supplies on the truck. The truck WILL NOT wait around all day as you try to fix the unfixable. If you can’t sort yourself out on the side of the road in a timely manner, on the trailer you go. There is an advance truck that will be arriving at the campsites before us and setting things up. This truck will be equipped with a major compliment of tools and supplies. (welder, compressor, generator, Etc.) That is where will try to fix you up right. The chase truck is not going to carry your personal shit, so don’t ask. The driver’s numbers will be published in the run books.