A Few Final Details…


Here we go! This is the final post before the run. Download the RUN BOOK. Read up on the BASICS. Pack your bags!
Meet up at INDIAN LARRY’S tonight (8pm) for some good times. We are leaving COOL BEANS at 10am on Friday. If you miss the pack, don’t sweat it. Thats what the MAPS are for.

FRI is $10
, SAT is $15. We will have a bucket by the beer each night. (it’s called the honor system)

THE AWARDS for this year are:
Biggest Twin (Best HD based bike)
The Almost Memorial Joe Scraper Award (Best Triumph based bike)
High mileage (Most miles ridden on a motorcycle to the run)
Roadside repair (Best roadside repair)
Deathtrap (the bike that shouldn’t make it but does.)
The Proletariat (the People’s choice)
The super awesome evil robot lunchbox with fighting spirit award (classiest motherfucker)
The A-ROD award (The best performance enhanced motorcycle)

If you can’t make it, I have put some shirts and posters inventory in the STORE. Orders will ship first thing Monday.

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I would like to thank all of the people that work hard to get this run done every year. Everyone that pitches in, helps out and kicks ass. Our sponsors are the fucking cream of the crop. They support this event for the best reason, they love it as much as you do. So thats it. Hope to see you this weekend. ~ Walter

P.S. Remember… NO CRASHING!