Bike Show Awards

Here at the Gypsy Run world headquarters we pride ourselves on coming up with new and stupid award categories for you to win. With that we would like to announce this years bike show award categories.

  • Biggest Twin (Best HD based bike)
  • The Almost Memorial Joe Scraper Finest Triumph Award (Best Triumph based bike)
  • High mileage (Most miles ridden on a motorcycle to the run)
  • Roadside repair (Best roadside repair)
  • Deathtrap (the bike that shouldn’t make it but does.)
  • The proletariat (the People’s choice)
  • The super awesome evil robot lunchbox with fighting spirit award (classiest motherfucker)
  • I got 47 Problems but an award ain’t one! There are 47 different ways you can win this award, but we don’t know what they are. Mike 47 will be handing out this gorgeous super special one-of-a-kind artwork based on something only he knows….