Chase Truck Info

For the third year 47 Industries will be supporting riders in need with the chase rig. The truck is not a catch all so please try to be as self sufficient as you can be just in case. We are hoping nobody needs the truck but just in case we are happy to help. If you break down and can not get back up on your own then call the truck for help or a ride. Please don’t wait 3 hours before you call. The truck will be an hour or so behind the pack at the most and in the last stretches he will wind up ahead so don’t wait too long or you might be stuck for a while. Also the more off the beaten path the harder it will be to get the truck and trailer to you so please be patient.

Once at camp we will be happy to loan tools and provide lighting and assistance as much as possible. We will have all the basic staple tools, a MIG welder, and a generator for electricity and drills etc. Anyone is welcome to use them as long as they are returned and used respectfully. They are our shop tools, please be nice to them.    

 James is the volunteer driver of the truck. Please know where you are if you need a lift so you can help him to find you as easily as possible. He has a route map but will not be going on all the route roads unless he needs to so don’t hang out hoping to wave him down cause he might never come past you. His phone number is 908-566-5620. Remember we will be in areas where cell reception is less than awesome so expect to deal with multiple calls, texting, and dropped calls etc. If you are nasty to James he might just leave you dead where he found you, eat you or worse yet, make you bunk with him.

See you on the road!

Mike 47