Camping on the Gypsy Run

Friday and Saturday night we are staying at the Landers campsite on the banks of the beautiful Delaware river. (Visit the Maps page for the address and directions). If you want to meet us there, the main group will probably roll in somewhere around between 4 and 5 PM.  We have reserved and enormous portion of the campsite so individual reservations are unnecessary. The fee for camping is $15 per night. In the past we’ve collected the camping fees on the honor system. We put out a jar and it worked it self out. To make it easier on our accountant we are going to try wristbands this year. Once you get settled then come see us at the t-shirt tent and you can get your wristbands for the weekend. 

Rember, you can come to as much of the run as you can do. Wanna come meet us for lunch on friday? No problem! You want to come and hang out and then retreat to your comfortable hotel? No sweat! 5 miles or 500, get on your bike and have some fun. See you all soon!  ~Walter

The Itinerary

Here is the schedule for this year’s run.

Thur. Evening

Friday Morning

  •  7am – 10am Meet at Cool Beans
  • 10am Departure

Friday Afternoon

  • Lunch stop (unscheduled target of opportunity)

Friday Evening

  • Arrive at Camp between 4 – 5pm
  • Set up camp
  • Dinner
  • Drinks on the Lito deck

Saturday Morning  7am – 10am

  • Breakfast

Saturday Morning  10am

  • Depart Campsite for a day of Riding

Saturday Afternoon

  • Lunch stop (unscheduled target of opportunity)

Saturday Evening

  • Dinner
  • Awards
  • Dance Party
  • Watch Jay cold kick some phat beats!

Sunday Morning

  • Wake up
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Ride off into the sunrise
  • Arrive home and rest your head on yer HUGE PILLOW!

Thank You.

Our T-shirt Presale exceded expectations. Thank you all for your support. We would also like to thank Kris Hendershot for his great design and Andy, Rob and the entire crew at American Icon for being the best screen printers on the east coast! We are going to end the Pre_Sale now so we have some shirts for the run. After we will have them back online and at the Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show. We will start shipping shirts this week. Thanks again! Hope to see you all on the Gypsy Run in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!!! (I got to get back to work)  ~ Walter

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The Plan for GR8ness

Hello all. 

I hope your summer has been going well.  With the Gypsy Run being right around the corner the updates and info will be coming more frequently. For the moment here are the broad strokes. The biggest change this year is we are staying at one camp site for the entire run. Traditionally we have stayed at different places Friday and Saturday. There are several reasons for this, but without getting too complicated about it the main reason is just to try something different. Friday we are going to leave from Cool Beans Coffee shop in Oradel, NJ. We are going to ride approximately 200 miles around the Catskill region of New York ending up at The LANDERS Campsite on the beautiful Delaware river. We will have catering and free beer (while it lasts) and a pleasant evening getting to know each other. The next morning you will wake to the sound of birds chirping and bacon sizzling.  Around 10am Fritz and Mike 47 will lead you on a whirlwind 300 mile tour of the other side of the river, better known as Pennsylvania. We will have staff at the campsite all day to welcome people and keep an eye on things. You can leave your tent up and not worry about it while you are out riding. There will be NOTHING going on at the campsite during the day. You are encouraged to go out and do fun stuff (whatever that means to you). After a day’s worth of awesome you will return to the warm embrace of our semi-permanent encampment where Cold Beer and a warm dinner will be waiting.  At some point we will be giving out trophies and prizes to people that made, and have done great things. After that I am sure something entertaining will happen. Sunday morning… go home. That is the plan. Details will follow. 

See ya soon  ~Walter

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2014 T-shirt Pre-Sale

We are going to try a  PRE-SALE this year to better gauge how many shirts to print. All orders will be shipped before the run. For helping us with our experiment we are going to throw in some free domestic shipping. Order yours HERE.

• Designed by Kris Henderschott
• Expertly pulled by American Icon!
• Comes in any color you want, as long as it is Black.
• Available in ladies sizes.
• Free Domestic Shipping!

NJ | NY Ride for Larry UPDATE

Just a bit of clarification about Saturday’s Ride for Larry PierceWe are going to meet at my shop beginning at NOON. We are going to leave for Brooklyn around 3pm. Larry’s wife Ashley asked  if anyone is posting photos of the ride to instagram, please use the #rideforlarrypierce hashtag so they can embed all of the photo on the website so everyone can share in this. Thanks. See you Saturday. ~Walter